Man, I'm getting tired just prepping for my departure. -_-;
I've still got a lot to do, so I'm going to tell work that I need to resign earlier than
when they want me to, just to getting everything complete. That means I might
have to cancel out on that outing with the girls at work. I don't really want to go,
since I don't drink all that much, but they threaten insist that I go, reminding me that
I won't be back for a while. The other reason that I don't want to go is that some of
those girls get wild horny crazy after downing a few shots, and I don't want to deal
with that. My girl is going to Bobbitize me if that happens. (o.o;;)

Since I'm not working today, Im going to sort out all the things I want to bring with
me, things that I need to pack up so I can send them to Michigan, and things to give
to my friends, like my D&D 3.5 Edition book collection and *sniff* the Rock Band
special edition set. (;o;_;)o
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Whooo....I've been busy getting ready for my move to Michigan. So much crap to do: call the reserve base over there to transfer, build up extra cash for the apartment bill, try to get there
before my girlfriend's birthday, packing up all the stuff I need to bring,
sell my car, wait for my rebate.....oh well, not so much. <.<;

I found out about this interesting program while I was browsing around YouTube called
Hatsune Miku aka Vocaloid 2. My assis too lazy at the moment to provide a link, but it's basically a voice synthesizer made by Yamaha. So far, I've managed to recreate the acappella version of Luna's song from Lunar: Silver Star Story. I'm impressed by this program so much that it might become my new hobby when I settle down in Michigan.

I've also been playing a lot of Rock Band recently...probably because I'm giving the whole set to my friends before I leave. I'll just buy Rock Band 2 eventually, since I found out that all
the songs I downloaded will work for the 2nd game. I hope I can play with my friends online while I'm living there. Oh damn, speaking of online, that means I get to play Call of Duty 4 without that crappy lag I get for playing in Guam vs. a U.S.-based host! That also reminds me that I'm kinda missing playing FFXI again. My coworker, who recently came back to the game, told me about it, and it got my blood boiling for that MMORPG again. I swear, though, if I do get back to that game, I'm not joining another HNMLS (High Notorious Monster Linkshell) group again. I'd rather relax and do what I want with a social linkshell.

Ok, I'm typing too much, and I feel like playing around with my vocaloid program again. (>w<)
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Hai there!

I came across this site when my good friend noir sent me a blog link.
My initial reaction was "OMFG, the site is so JP in style~!",
then I immediately got down to making my own little blog.
I've been trying hard to plan for me moving out next month to Michigan
and building up money for the past year, and I've come across a
crapload of hurdles along the way. Hopefully everything falls through
for me and I move out with my girlfriend on time, because I'd really
hate having her spend her birthday there by herself. Other than that,
I'm good.
Work is pretty okay. A lot of Japanese and Korean customers as
usual. A lot of new coworkers came while I was on my annual tour,
though. I mean, I've been on active duty status for 12 days and new
people show up when I finally revert back to being a civilian. It's like
*looks at the new girl* Oh, she's new.
*looks at other new girl* Oh, another new girl.
*looks at the other 2 new girls* wtf happened while I was gone?
Anyways, I need to get my ass to bed, just wanted to try out blogging.
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